The Skip Bracelet

The Skip Bracelet

The "Skip" Bracelet is a custom piece uniquely designed by Skip, one of the owners. 

I first created the "Skip" bracelet about 30 years ago. I came up with the idea after I found my grandfather, Dana Bushong's, old rolling mill in a desk drawer. The first "S" bracelet, yes initially it was called the "S" bracelet, was made out of 7" wire but it had no ability to retain its shape. Meaning when I first put it on Michele's wrist it would just stay open. I knew I could do better. After a lot of brainstorming, hard work, and some starting over I officially created the "S" bracelet. 

After I had gifted the first ever "S" bracelet to my wife Michele, all the employees wanted their own, of course. After I made about 6 of them, I realized I am going to need a bigger mill than the one I found in a desk drawer, so I ordered a new one. This new mill took my work down to about 25 mins. I soon went from having created 6 "S" bracelets to about 100. After 100 of them people started to call them "Skip" Bracelets and it stuck. 

After 10 years of making them all yellow gold I began doing white gold as well. I initially didn't do white gold because it doesn't bend nearly as easy as yellow so it takes a little more effort to create one in white gold. Now after 30 years of making them if I had to guess I would say I have made between 3-400 bracelets. I have even substituted the diamonds with other stones. For example I've made one with two sapphires, two birthstones, ones that twisted, and even one that locked. 

I am honored to have invented a piece of jewelry that will be enjoyed long after I am gone. To this day I have yet to come across a store or salesman that has replicated my "Skip" bracelet. I think it is quite unique because "regular" bracelets are prone to breaking due to wear and tear. One with an open center like the "Skip" bracelet will far outlast a closed clasped bracelet. Often people don't realized how powerful their wrist can be, traditional bracelets if they are not the perfect size, can so easily be broken. My design eliminates that problem as every bracelet is custom designed to fit perfectly on any and every wrist. 


Skip Young



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