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Diamond FAQ

How can I tell if I am getting a properly cut diamond?

Answer: Ask for the cut grade. Many jewelers would rather you didn’t know about this important factor. If you are unable to get a signed document stating the exact cut proportions in 8 or more different areas (depth percentage, table percentage, crown angle, etc) and a single cut, color and clarity grade before you buy, you are headed for trouble and are likely to buy a cloudy, lower value diamond.

Why doesn’t everyone sell the best cut?

Answer: Top cut = top price. The buying public can be fooled and there is more money to be made in lower cut grade diamonds especially if the consumer is comparing a top cut stone to a lower cut stone and the other grades (color, clarity and carat weight) are the same. A classic comparison is buying a rib eye steak. If you see a steak with 1/2 fat; is it a bargain at $1.59 per lb? If they took the fat away, the grocer would likely charge $3.00 per lb. Which is a better deal? In diamonds, fat equates to cloudiness.

Does everyone grade diamonds the same?

Answer: No.

Does Dana Bushong Jewelers offer a certificate of diamond quality?

Answer: Yes. Our signed certificate provides over twenty different quality aspects on diamond quality including all of the exact GIA grades. A separate appraisal is used for insurance purposes and indicates a dollar value.

How does Dana Bushong’s pricing compare to other outlets? What about the internet?

Answer: For 84 years, we have offered great diamonds and great prices. We’re in the business of making customers happy. We know brilliance and sparkle is what people are looking for. Once customers see the brilliance and recognize our informative process, our job is to price it to sell. Something we’ve done thousands of times.

Does Dana Bushong’s offer any guarantees?

Answer: Absolutely. If any item should fail, we will repair or replace it without charge as long as abuse or normal wear are not the reason for the failure. We recommend that jewelry be checked and cleaned by us at no charge at least once a year. If this pattern is followed, we will be able to determine maintenance is needed before a problem occurs.


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